Surgical Instrument Cleaning Sponges
Endoscope Cleaning Sponges
Medical Devices Cleaning Sponges
Medical Cleaning Sponges: Endoscope Cleaning Sponges, Surgical Instrument Cleaning Sponges, and Bedside Patient Care Equipment Cleaning Sponges for cleaning more effectively.
The Instrument Cleaning Sponges remove and retain more debris and deliver more pre-loaded enzyme detergent cleaning solution than other instrument sponges and paper based wipes. The Sponge Pouch delivers more (215 ml) cleaning power. The pre-loaded Enzyme Detergent is four times more effective than other enzyme sponge cleaning solutions, delivering the four enzymes needed to breakdown all forms of surgical soil, plus the surface cleaning Detergents needed for rapid and effective sponge cleaning. The cleaning sponges are available pre-filled with an enzyme detergent cleaner, for more effective surgical instrument, endoscope, and bedside patient care equipment cleaning outcomes.

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Medical Instrument Cleaning Sponges

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