Surgical Instrument Prewash Soaking Cleaner

The easy-FOAM-it ONEcleaner Prewash Soaking Surgical Instrument Detergent Enzyme Cleaners deliver residue free Surgical Instruments.
The enzyme surgical instrument detergent cleaner easy-FOAM-it delivers long lasting surgical instruments hydration and immediately begins to remove surgical soil from surgical instruments, as well as removing fat, and protein, while maintaining surgical instruments, and building the passive layer stainless steel protection. The easy-FOAM-it ONEcleaner Prewash Soaking Enzyme Detergent Cleaner keeps surgical instruments moist, prevents bio-burden from drying encrusting onto surgical instruments, inhibits bacterial growth, applies surgical instrument lubricants, and speeds the cleaning process.

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The neutral pH easy-FOAM-it soaking enzyme surgical instrument detergent cleaner is safe for flexible and rigid scopes, stainless steel surgical instruments, tungsten carbide surgical instruments, aluminum, brass, plastic materials, delicate surgery micro surgical instruments, surgical instrument ultrasonic cleaners, and surgical instrument washers. Contact yourCEBA for; Bravo countertop sterilizers, autoclave steam table top sterilizers, American made autoclave countertop sterilizers, Bravo 17 Table top Sterilizers, table top washer disinfectors, buy reliable table top sterilizers, made in America table top sterilizers with flash sterilizer cycles, surgical instrument detergents, medical sponges for cleaning surgical instruments, cassettes for table top sterilizers, and specialty instrument dental table top sterilizers.

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Surgical Instrument Soaking Cleaner